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Social and Environmental Policy

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Internal social policy

Even prior to its decision to focus on moral rearmament for its human resources, the Management of ICS strove constantly to improve the working and living conditions of its employees and their families. The company has 1 982 permanent employees. And to this can be added some 4 000 casual jobs created by ICS (day labourers, watchmen, etc.) and over 5 000 local jobs that are indirectly generated by ICS.

With its comprehensive health coverage package, ICS does its best for its employees at all levels.

We also have a slogan within the company, whose impact can be easily gauged, and that is: ''a home for every worker". In addition to the cooperatives and other groups set up by the workers themselves, the Executive Management has committed itself to a far-reaching housing policy, the highlight of which was the construction of the "CitÚ 2000" housing development in Mboro. The Management also encourages the development of internal social organizations, which are an effective relay, complementing the efforts directly undertaken by the company.

Particular emphasis was placed on a positive social and educational environment for the workers' families (elementary school, high school, sports facilities, health centres).

External social policy

Each of our production sites is surrounded by rural village communities whose daily lives and very future are closely linked to our company. In light of this, our goal is to help their population use ICS as a tool for the development of their communities, a tool that can be used to better organize their economic and social activities (infrastructure, education, health, etc.).

Therefore, in addition to our internal social policy, ICS undertakes actions for the benefit of the local population, reflecting its concern with fairness and justice. Improving the living conditions of the local population is one of ICS's main concerns, and one to which it gives unstintingly. One example is the achievement carried out in the villages following the conclusion of the 700 000 dollar contract between UNDP and ICS from 2002 to 2006.

Tomato harvest in the vegetable plot
Protecting the environment

The Management of ICS is convinced that productivity and profitability go hand in hand with safety and protection of the environment. The safety of our facilities and of human lives, protection of our workers' health and the health of the local population, and the preservation of the natural environment, are included in the company's budget and no limits are placed on these important items.

In keeping with this, an ongoing environmental impact study is conducted and constantly monitored with the support of our financial partners. From Ta´ba to MBAO, ICS has undertaken an environmental programme whose chief industrial aspects are:

  • recycling of water from the mine and chemical plants,
  • the introduction of a transfer system that will minimize raw material losses,
  • recovery and  reduction of industrial wastes at the source.
In its current phase, about 06 billion CFA francs are provided for the implementation of this program for the next three years..

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