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SENCHIM: Serving African agriculture

SENCHIM's principal activity is the optimal marketing of ICS's products, based on a priority target area, which is Senegal, a principal target area, which is Africa and a secondary target, which is the rest of the world.

For this purpose, it has broken down the international markets as follows:
  • the phosphoric acid market, focusing on India,
  • the solid fertilizer and pesticide market, mainly within the sub-region or the region.

ICS fertilizer ready for shipping

Phosphoric acid tanker

Priority area and principal area ''An excellent market for fertilizer and pesticides"

In addition to its vocation as a marketing subsidiary, SENCHIM also includes a pesticide manufacturing plant located on the outskirts of Dakar, not far from the MBAO fertilizer plant.


It is well on its way to becoming the principal partner in agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. Based on its strong technological and marketing experience, which it continues to develop, SENCHIM supports agriculture in more ways than one:

  • commercially, through its complete range of products (seeds, fertilizer, soil conditioners, pesticides, spraying equipment, etc.)
  • technically, through all sorts of close contacts it maintains with sector professionals (agronomical advice, systematic visits to customers and sales points, missions, seminars, training, demonstration programmes based on the Indian example, etc.).

Serving African agriculture

SENCHIM offers a complete range of products
Senchim (Thiaroye)
Km 13, Route de Rufisque
BP 3148, Dakar
Tél : (221) 33  879 14 14
Fax : (221) 33  834 69 90 / 834 03 90

Togo : Ferti Togo (228) 227 00 68

Cameroun : Senachem (237) 340 80 25

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